YSL Beauty – Black Opium Launch #YSLBlackDiary

For Yves Saint Laurent Beauty’s first ePR project in Turkey, we localized the multi-brand’s global repositioning strategy through influencer marketing, drawing on those influencers who projected the brand’s new DNA of “cool, young, urban, rock & edgy.” Over the project’s first 45 days, the influencers shared lifestyle photos on Instagram only (#YSLBlackDiary), thereby promoting an editorial concept rather than commercial one. After 45 days, the influencers started posting product-placement photos on their accounts, again without an overtly commercial impact. We produced a one-minute video for each influencer to support the project with the full range of media and these videos became the center of the project’s concluding event. We hosted the first exhibition for a fragrance launch, on 15 April at the Karaköy Sumahan complex, Istanbul. Influencers transferred the story behind their 72-day Instagram journey to 140x160 cm mood boards. The influencers invited all the guests and everyone had an unforgettable experience.