MG International Fragrance Company

MG International Fragrance Company (MG Gülçiçek) is the unsung hero behind virtually every fragrance you get a whiff of. We have provided MG with strategic communications consultancy and PR services for six years. We know how to do PR in B2B! Just look at only few examples of what we did under the “We Support the Arts with Fragrance” strategy we created during these years:

  • MG designed a fragrance for the gala of Fatih Akın’s film Soul Kitchen and this fragrance was the star of the night
  • MG created a special fragrance to complement a performance dedicated to Sufi mystic Yunus Emre by İsmail Acar, Hakan Aysev and Burçin Büke at Istanbul’s historic Hagia Irene
  • GQ’s Men of the Year evening welcomed guests with an MG fragrance and we supplied the catwalk concept fragrance for Ezra-Tuba fashion shows for three consecutive years
  • We participated in the Space and Possibilities event as a design component at the architects Aziz Sarıyer, Durmuş Dilekçi, Salih Küçüktuna, Yalın Tan and Jeyan Ülkü’s special installations.

In this period, we also enabled the brand’s 50th anniversary celebrations by preparing a fantastic evening event and we conducted the launch of the brand’s fragrance plant, the world’s largest under one roof, in Istanbul’s Gebze district. MG Gülçiçek’s love of fragrance is never ending and we have enthusiastically created projects with the brand over these six years.