• It’s been said that we fulfill our customers' expectations punctually. They say we do an amazing job. We don't say that, our clients do.

  • Murat Süter

    Creative Director

    Best pleasure of working with Stratejist is that you know when you hand them a project, it will be taken care of with great vision. While you are working with them, ethics and honest communication will come first and the results will be creatively satisfying.

  • Derya Sazak

    Editor in Chief

    We accomplished very successful, creative works with Stratejist. This was the result of the strategy they created for us and their ability to deliver TV advertisements with the speed of a newspapers' pace. They managed the projects, exactly as we wanted them to be, and very cost effectively.

  • Marie Udal

    Senior Marketing Manager

    I can recommend Stratejist Creative Communications Agency as they offer very impressive, high quality service, and giving us great results. I worked with them for over 2 years and have always been satisfied by their work.

  • Ufuk Batur

    L’oreal Luxe Marketing Manager

    Influencer management, which all luxury brands need today, has been a very delicate issue for us. In our country, the agencies that can deliver the right strategy and luxury quality are so rare.  Stratejist created a very unique media model for us. And they did it in a visionary way, which was inline with our brand's characteristics. This new media channel is the future's biggest channel for us. Stratejist is the best agency to do it.

  • Duygu Beşbıçak

    Corporate Communications Director

    For me, the only agency that I trust fully is Stratejist. They complete the work on schedule with energy, desire and fun. We have collaborated with them for 6 years, working together on many projects. We have never lost our enthusiasm, it's as if it's our first day. We will continue to create great work together.

  • Onur Seylan

    Group Product Manager

    While you work with Stratejist, you can see that they embrace and fully understand the brand which is a very crucial factor in marketing. I find them very successful at social media management, creating awesome still life visuals and unique copywriting which is fully compatible with the brand's DNA. I can say that they are also very good and proactive at community management. Furthermore, they make us feel that they are always there when we need them and it is a very big plus.

  • Osaid Farooqui

    Sales & Marketing Manager

    The team at Stratejist understood our requirements clearly, the assignment was completed under a challenging deadline and the outcome was very much to our delight. We cherish this relationship and respect the professionalism the team exhibits. A special thanks to Sedef Senar, she will be my go-to person for any future branding exercise that we undertake.

  • Şentürk Fahralı

    Chief Executive Officer

    One of the most challenging things in business is to express yourself completely and clearly. Stratejist understood us and they brought out our corporate identity, labels, packagings, catalogs and web site, exactly as we wanted. As a result of this we established a great brand together. Working with them was not only easy but also very fun.

  • Savaş Yılmazer

    Head of Advertising

    You defined our readership so perfectly in the advertisement, which you prepared for Milliyet Kitap. It was such a perfect creative idea which deserves an award from me.

  • Atakan Akman

    Deputy General Manager

    Many of my friends in the sector asked me which agency we worked with. They are not used to such creative advertisements in our sector.